About Us

The National Clinician Scholars Program (NCSP) aims to offer unparalleled training for clinicians as change agents driving policy-relevant research and partnerships to improve health and health care. The goal of the program is to cultivate health equity, eliminate health disparities, invent new models of care, and achieve higher quality health care at lower cost by training nurse and physician researchers who work as leaders and collaborators embedded in communities, healthcare systems, government, foundations, and think tanks in the United States and around the world.

At UCSF, our goal is to foster the development of the next generation of health and healthcare leaders who can use the rigorous tools of research to drive meaningful change in communities and in systems. To do this, our Scholars are taught to think about research differently at every stage, from the questions we ask, to the methods we use to answer them, to the strategies we use to disseminate our findings to the community and to other stakeholders.

NCSP is a two-year post-doctoral fellowship for MDs or RNs with a doctoral degree (PhD or DNP) who are within 5 years of having completed clinical training.