Margot Kushel, MD

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Dr. Margot Kushel is a Professor of Medicine at University of California San Francisco, and Division Chief of the Division of the Center for Vulnerable Populations, and the Director of the UCSF Benioff Homelessness and Housing Initiative.  She is a practicing general internist at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. Margot's research focuses on the causes and consequences of homelessness and housing instability, with the goal of preventing and ending homelessness and ameliorating the effects of homelessness on health.  Her work uses community-based participatory design and strategic science principles. She speaks at a local, state and national level about issues of homelessness, and provides testimony to legislative bodies.  She received her AB from Harvard College, her MD from Yale and completed residency, chief residency and fellowship in internal medicine at UCSF. 

Featured Publications: 

Association of Homelessness with Hospital Readmissions-an Analysis of Three Large States.

Journal of general internal medicine

Khatana SAM, Wadhera RK, Choi E, Groeneveld PW, Culhane DP, Kushel M, Kazi DS, Yeh RW, Shen C

Barriers and Solutions to Advance Care Planning among Homeless-Experienced Older Adults.

Journal of palliative medicine

Kaplan LM, Sudore RL, Cuervo IA, Bainto D, Olsen P, Kushel M

Risk Factors for Falls in Older Adults Experiencing Homelessness: Results from the HOPE HOME Cohort Study.

Journal of general internal medicine

Abbs E, Brown R, Guzman D, Kaplan L, Kushel M

"We Really Help, Taking Care of Each Other": Older Homeless Adults as Caregivers.

Gerontology & geriatric medicine

Rosenwohl-Mack S, Kushel M, Ramsey C, Handley M, Knight KR

Racial discrimination in the life course of older adults experiencing homelessness: results from the HOPE HOME study.

Journal of Social Distress and the Homeless

Dereck W. Paul, Kelly R. Knight, Pamela Olsen, John Weeks, Irene H. Yen, Margot B. Kushel

Health Literacy Matters More Than Experience for Advance Care Planning Knowledge Among Older Adults.

Journal of the American Geriatrics Society

Nouri SS, Barnes DE, Volow AM, McMahan RD, Kushel M, Jin C, Boscardin J, Sudore RL

Unmet mental health and substance use treatment needs among older homeless adults: Results from the HOPE HOME Study.

Journal of community psychology

Kaplan LM, Vella L, Cabral E, Tieu L, Ponath C, Guzman D, Kushel MB

Trajectories of functional impairment in homeless older adults: Results from the HOPE HOME study.

PloS one

Brown RT, Guzman D, Kaplan LM, Ponath C, Lee CT, Kushel MB

Adults with Housing Insecurity Have Worse Access to Primary and Preventive Care.

Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine : JABFM

Martin P, Liaw W, Bazemore A, Jetty A, Petterson S, Kushel M